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March’s Featured Skater: Coop de Grâce

Our March Featured Skater is Coop de Grâce. Coop is the longest running coach for the Lane County Concussion having taken over the reins almost immediately after moving to Eugene in 2012. And, it is with a heavy heart that we will be bidding adieu to her this month as she moves to Portland for ... More

February’s Featured Skater: Dave 2.0

Much like Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar, Dave 2.0 comes to us form the sleepy suburbs of Chicago. He is no taller than seven-feet-tall and weighs 400 pounds at most. To be honest, he is quite a bit smaller than those measurements. He relies on the physics of his stature as well as his physics grad school training to ... More

January’s Featured Skater: YB Normal

Let’s all bow our heads and close our eyes as we celebrate January’s Featured Skater of the Month YB Normal. YB is one of the most dedicated skaters on the Lane County Concussion, making the four-hour round trip from Coos Bay to attend practices. This is not the only thing that makes YB Normal unique, though. This ... More

December’s Featured Skater: Inspektor Spaceman

From the quaint lumber town of Gilchrist, Oregon burst forth a being who is more mountain than man. Inspektor Spaceman is a legend around these parts known to don the black and white stripes at a second’s notice if it means that roller derby can be played. In addition to his willingness to always lend a helping hand, he ... More

August’s Featured Skater: Guns of Ruxton

August’s Featured Skater and the Lane County Concussion’s newest Vice President, Guns of Ruxton, is an emerging rockstar on the track as well as off. In LCC’s most recent bout in July against Portland’s Bridgetown Brawlers, Ruxton was named MVP blocker in the victory. Off the track, he is a guitarist who plays all ... More

June’s Featured Skater: Merby Dick

June’s Skater of the Month is a national treasure. At 75, Merby Dick is the oldest roller derby player in the world and the only remaining founding member of the Lane County Concussion. Merby wears the number 70 to indicate the age at which he started playing roller derby. He first tried his hand at roller sports more ... More

May’s Featured Skater: Tim-Buck-You

From the Big Sky State of Montana and just about everywhere else in between here and there comes the May Skater of the Month, Tim-Buck-You, captain of the Lane County Concussion. Tim only started skating in February of 2013, but his dedication has made him one of the top blockers on the team and one of the best analytical ... More

April’s Featured Skater: Grime + Punishment

Raised on the frozen tundra of Minnesota, Grime + Punishment essentially ice skated his way out of the womb. Lacking the hand-eye coordination for proficient stick handling, Grimes, as he is known to his teammates, became an enforcer, always keeping opponents in check from his position as defenseman. He continues to ... More

New Website!

Why, hello internet! We've been looking out at you through the glass from inside the digital aquarium that is Facebook. Thankfully, we've broken through that glass and have joined the ranks of the 84,535,430,234,230 reputable and not-so-reputable organizations with an honest to goodness website. Please feel free to have a ... More