September’s Featured Skater: Multiclass

MultiOccasionally, the Rockies can no longer contain certain men, and they send their erstwhile mountain legends to the Pacific Coast to battle in rolling games and work on their Ph.D. in physics at the University of Oregon. Multiclass is one of these men.

Multiclass engaged in every sort of contest on foot but no sport was up to his entertainment standards, that is, until he witnessed the gladiators of the Emerald City Roller Girls face-off and immediately fell in love. Within a fortnight, he had signed up to join the Lane County Concussion and to officiate and volunteer for our sister league.

When not on the track, this former college dropout is publishing peer-reviewed journal articles that people can only pretend to understand. Multiclass is also a huge video and board game player. Since the Atari 2600, he has been e-gaming, including several competitive online e-sports, such as Tribes 2.

The name Multiclass is a tribute to his love for Dungeons and Dragons, which he plays to this day. He is always able to fill any spot be it jammer, pivot, or blocker. His number, D12, is to remind him to always have the intensity of a barbarian.

You can next check out this man among men locally at the November 21st and 22nd Battle of the Beards tournament at the Willamalame Center in Springfield, where he may or may not be wearing his trademark “pajammer” pants. Stay tuned to the LCC Facebook page for all of the latest updates!

Multiclass in Action