Grime + Punishment


Raised on the frozen tundra of Minnesota, Grime + Punishment essentially ice skated his way out of the womb. Lacking the hand-eye coordination for proficient stick handling, Grimes, as he is known to his teammates, became an enforcer, always keeping opponents in check from his position as defenseman. He continues to play hockey to this day, but when The Rink Exchange melted the ice for the summer of 2013, Grimes strapped on the quads to give roller derby a shot.

In a short time, Grimes has become the Lane County Concussion’s “workhorse” jammer as well as the league President and Technology Officer. In fact, he is a software developer by trade. When Grimes isn’t playing derby or on the ice, you can catch him playing ultimate frisbee or any other sport he stumbles across in Eugene. He sometimes even gets his fellow roller derby skaters playing “rolltimate,” or ultimate frisbee on skates, as practice winds down.


Grimes in Action