May’s Featured Skater: Tim-Buck-You

timFrom the Big Sky State of Montana and just about everywhere else in between here and there comes the May Skater of the Month, Tim-Buck-You, captain of the Lane County Concussion. Tim only started skating in February of 2013, but his dedication has made him one of the top blockers on the team and one of the best analytical minds in the game. That is why he was named the coach of the all-star team for our sister league, the Emerald City Roller Girls. Off the track, Tim is a Senior Analytics Specialist for a health insurance company. This allows him to use his mathematical background to solve new and interesting problems every day, which translates well to breaking down opponents’ strategies on the track. Tim was recruited by James Brains to join LCC and is still plotting his revenge. Nonetheless, he loves the derby community because of the accepting, competitive environment that rewards individual progress while fostering a team atmosphere. One thing’s for sure: LCC’s opponents have learned to “fear the beard.” Stay tuned to LCC’s Facebook page to check out when and where you can see Tim-Buck-You play next.

Tim-Buck-You in Action