March’s Featured Skater: Coop de Grâce

CoopOur March Featured Skater is Coop de Grâce. Coop is the longest running coach for the Lane County Concussion having taken over the reins almost immediately after moving to Eugene in 2012. And, it is with a heavy heart that we will be bidding adieu to her this month as she moves to Portland for work.

In the pre-Coop years, LCC had a sizable losing streak. The guys had never won a sanctioned bout, and most of the bouts were ugly affairs that resulted in triple-digit losses. Coop systematically made LCC what it is today with disciplined practice plans and smart strategy. She has been instrumental in helping LCC develop a sustainable core of talent. Under Coop, LCC has steadily climbed the rankings and even celebrated its first winning season last year.

Coop got her start in derby with the Ann Arbor Derby Dimes in Michigan. She then moved to Oregon, where she continued her skating career with our sister league, the Emerald City Roller Girls. Last season, as captain of the ECRG All-Stars team, she competed in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association playoffs. When she is not on the track, she is a union organizer. In fact, her derby number, 51, is a reference to May Day.

Please join us in thanking Coop for all that she has done for the Lane County Concussion and wishing her luck in all that she does in Portland.