July’s Featured Skater: Dr. B

WadeJuly’s featured skater is a lean slab of Wyoming beef known as Dr. B. He began his roller derby career in 2010 after moving to Montana to study diesel mechanics. His first gig in the sport was as a referee for the Billings Roller Derby Dames. After watching the women having so much fun playing, Dr. B decided he’d like to try his hand at the greatest sport on earth. In 2012, he founded “Da Swingin’ Richards.” With the players so spread out across Montana, it was hard for the team to get much traction. So, in 2013, Dr. B relocated to Eugene to join the Lane County Concussion and further his roller derby career. He quickly became one of the best skaters on the team, winning team MVP at the Big O tournament this past May, and will be trying out for Team USA this winter. These days, Dr. B is a member of a local motorcycle club and an aspiring DJ. You cannot miss him on the track as he plays in his lucky, trademark muscle leggings. Watch Dr. B jam at the upcoming LCC bout against the Bridgetown Brawlers of Portland on Saturday, July 11th.

Dr. B in Action