January’s Featured Skater: YB Normal

YBLet’s all bow our heads and close our eyes as we celebrate January’s Featured Skater of the Month YB Normal. YB is one of the most dedicated skaters on the Lane County Concussion, making the four-hour round trip from Coos Bay to attend practices. This is not the only thing that makes YB Normal unique, though. This retired career military man is also a pastor when he isn’t destroying people on the track.

YB got into derby for a number of reasons. His son, X, who is currently on hiatus from the sport, was one of the earliest members of LCC. YB went to one of the early bouts against Portland and instantly fell in love. YB had a history of skating, including along the bike trails around Seattle when he was stationed up there. And, he loves team sports. After a couple bouts with lung issues that nearly ended his life, a pulmonologist told him that he needed to get regular aerobic exercise if he wanted to keep his lungs fit.

YB figured derby was the perfect way to spend time with his son, get back into team sports, and continue living! X warned him that “everyone is welcome.” This included party goers and the LGBT community. YB is accepting of everyone, but there was concern about whether he would be accepted. “Once people got to know me and realized I wasn’t going to shoot them or beat them over the head with a bible, I was accepted quite warmly!”

YB added, “I love the looks on some of my derby friends’ faces when they ask what I do for a living, and I tell them I’m a pastor. And, I love the look on the faces of the people of my church and community when they ask what I do to stay in shape!”

Despite the strong personalities that sometimes butt heads in the sport, YB loves his teammates and most of the derby community. They are what keep him making that four-hour drive. Of course, it doesn’t hurt (when the weather’s nice) that he has a sweet motorcycle.

Stay glued to the LCC Facebook page to find out when you can next catch YB Normal in action. Amen!