Skating members of the Lane County Concussion are required to pay dues, currently at a rate of $40 per month. Dues can always be paid in person with cash or check to the league treasurer or president. Below are some other options to make paying dues easier.


Dues can be paid via PayPal. For one-time payments, there is a small fee (30 cents and 2.9% of the transaction) for the convenience. If you subscribe to automatic payments, it’s a lot easier to manage so the team will pay that fee for you, so your cost is $40 a month. However we encourage use of other payment methods which don’t incur fees at all, since we’d rather have all of your dues payments go towards the team and not banking fees.

One-Time Payments (includes fees)


Reoccurring Monthly Payments

Pay $40 every month, automatically. PayPal fees are paid by the team for subscribing.

Reoccurring Quarterly Payments

Pay $120 every three months, automatically. PayPal fees are paid by the team for subscribing.

Venmo (no fees!)

Dues can be paid using the mobile payment service Venmo. They do not charge a fee if you pay from your checking account. Once you have an account, you can use either the mobile app or the web site to pay @LaneCountyConcussion, or use the LaneCountyConcussion Venmo web page page. Payments can be made in any amounts, but please try to keep them in in multiples of the monthly dues amount for simplicity of accounting.

Check by Mail (no fees!) or Online Bill Pay (no fees and automatic!)

Dues can be mailed by check, which can be easier than remembering to pay by check in person. This is particularly useful if you use Online Bill Pay through your bank. Most banks offer this free service where they will write and mail the check on your behalf. You can schedule them to be automatically paid at an interval of your choosing.

Pay to the order of: Lane County Concussion Roller Derby

Mail To:
Lane County Concussion Roller Derby
c/o Thom Grimes
3655 Hilyard Street
Eugene, OR 97405-3891