December’s Featured Skater: Inspektor Spaceman

Inspektor SpacemanFrom the quaint lumber town of Gilchrist, Oregon burst forth a being who is more mountain than man. Inspektor Spaceman is a legend around these parts known to don the black and white stripes at a second’s notice if it means that roller derby can be played. In addition to his willingness to always lend a helping hand, he is a wall unto himself on the track. Jammers who test him live to regret it.

Spaceman has a fascinating past. He lost vision in his left eye in a bar fight in Reno. In an unrelated incident, he only has one kidney. For a period of six months, he and a friend ran a brothel on the University of Oregon campus. His favorite color is blue. Dr. Inspektor Spaceman has a Ph.D. in Eastern Philosophy and follows the way of the Tao to wherever it may lead, hopefully to ecstasy.

Inspektor Spaceman was sucked into roller derby, like so many dads, by his daughter, Mouv’Fasta. He soon joined the Lane County Concussion despite living in Corvallis. He would regularly officiate for the Sick Town Derby Dames of Corvallis as pay back for letting them train with him. Today, he just enjoys the great absurdity and camaraderie of the sport.

Keep your eyes glued to the Lane County Concussion Facebook page to find out when you can next see this force to be reckoned with play.