LCC Practice

LCC Practices are our time to work on teamwork, strategy, skills, and goals as a team. We generally practice twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. Come check it out and introduce yourself!

On Mondays, we are on the track from 6 to 8 PM with emphasis on team strategy and scrimmaging.

On Wedensdays, we are on the track from 6 to 7:30 PM focusing on skills and endurance, followed by some core workout and stretching as a team off the track.

Upcoming LCC Practices

ECRD Rec League

Our sister league, the Emerald City Roller Derby, offer a coed recreational derby program focused on fun, community and learning. They generally practice twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays from 6 to 8 PM.

ECRD kindly welcomes LCC skaters to rec league practices who want to develop basic skills, or who need a gentle return to skating post injury. LCC strongly encourages our newer skaters to utilize this great, fun resource to develop skating and derby skills. If you're brand new, be sure to come to a few LCC practices first to establish yourself with the league.

Upcoming ECRD Rec League Practices

LCC Google Calendar
We use Google Calendar for our master league calendar. Feel free to refer to it below, or add it to your own device using the shared Google Calendar name