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April’s Featured Skater: SGT Pepper

LCC has had a very busy month preparing for the The Big O Tournament, both in training and volunteering to help make the event a success. But better late than never, right? Just in time for the end of the month and the beginning of The Big O, we take a moment to honor April's featured skater, Sergeant Pepper. Sergeant ... More

November’s Featured Skater: Draggin Balls

This month’s featured skater is one of the Lane County Concussion’s elder statesmen. Draggin Balls, named for his speed, age, and the effect gravity has on his genitals, was dragged into the sport and nicknamed by his two daughters who played for the Emerald City Junior Gems. His daughters have long-since retired, but ... More

October’s Featured Skater: James Brains

When James Warmels unwittingly stumbled upon the world of roller derby, he had no clue how far its claws would sink into him. A humble man who enjoys nothing more than watching all the sports and being a complete troll on the internet, James never knew that his future held the first time he came to cheer on his girlfriend ... More

September’s Featured Skater: Multiclass

Occasionally, the Rockies can no longer contain certain men, and they send their erstwhile mountain legends to the Pacific Coast to battle in rolling games and work on their Ph.D. in physics at the University of Oregon. Multiclass is one of these men. Multiclass engaged in every sort of contest on foot but no sport was ... More

July’s Featured Skater: Dr. B

July’s featured skater is a lean slab of Wyoming beef known as Dr. B. He began his roller derby career in 2010 after moving to Montana to study diesel mechanics. His first gig in the sport was as a referee for the Billings Roller Derby Dames. After watching the women having so much fun playing, Dr. B decided he’d like ... More

Coaches Wanted

The Lane County Concussion is currently in search of coaches for their upcoming season. Selections will be announced in March. If you are interested, please send a resume or summary of qualification to captain@lanecountyrollerderby.com, or start showing up to our practices ready to help out! More