August’s Featured Skater: Guns of Ruxton

Ruxton_2015August’s Featured Skater and the Lane County Concussion’s newest Vice President, Guns of Ruxton, is an emerging rockstar on the track as well as off. In LCC’s most recent bout in July against Portland’s Bridgetown Brawlers, Ruxton was named MVP blocker in the victory. Off the track, he is a guitarist who plays all over the Pacific Northwest. Ruxton says he approaches roller derby like a practicing musician and with the aggression of a punk guitarist.

Ruxton had not skated prior to getting involved in roller derby in 2013. But, he has come a long way thanks to having one of the strongest work ethics on the team. He uses urban cycling to commute and crosstrain, even during the triple-digit-temperature days. He also dry land trains and lifts weights.

Ruxton is a huge fan of Iggy and the Stooges and listens to them to get pumped up for bouts. Stay tuned to the LCC Facebook page to find out when and where you can catch Guns of Ruxton destroying opposing skaters next.

Ruxton in Action