About the Travel Team

The Lane County Concussion (LCC) travel team played its first bout in December of 2010. In February 2012, the travel team was accepted into the Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA), the international governing body of men’s flat track roller derby. Since then, the LCC travel team has played teams from as far away as England.

What Is the Travel Team?

The LCC travel team is made up of the best players of men’s roller derby in Eugene/Springfield, Oregon. This team competes in both sanctioned and non-sanctioned MRDA bouts. Sanctioned MRDA bouts are essentially the bouts that count toward LCC’s world ranking. For the current rankings, you can visit the MRDA website. Non-sanctioned MRDA bouts are generally used to sharpen the skills of the travel team as well as our competitors. These bouts are by no means less intense.

To make the roster of the travel team, there are a variety of criteria LCC skaters must meet. They must regularly attend LCC practices. They must live up to the LCC and MRDA codes of conduct, including showing respect, sportsmanship, honesty, and dignity for fellow players, opposing players, trainers, and coaches. Finally, they must be ready to have a good time and leave it all on the track!

This is the most current travel team roster as registered with MRDA.

When and Where Does the Travel Team Play?

Due to the current structure of men’s roller derby in Springfield, there is no set season, like what you see in other sports. In its history, LCC’s travel team has played at all times of the year. The team may have five or six bouts in a month and then go three months without a bout.

In LCC’s history, the travel team has played throughout Oregon as well as Washington, California, Utah, and Colorado. The travel team has played teams from London, England; Canada; Phoenix; Des Moines, Iowa; Texas; and just about every place in between. The travel team’s biggest rivals are Star City Offense from Salem, Oregon and Uinta Madness from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Travel team skaters are not paid. In fact, they have to pay their own way. Though many of the costs are offset through sponsorships and fundraisers, there is still always an out-of-pocket cost associated with playing men’s roller derby in Lane County. If you are interested in becoming one of our valued sponsors, please contact us.

What Is the Men’s Roller Derby Association?

MRDA exists to further the sport of men’s flat track roller derby throughout the world. The goal of all travel teams within MRDA is to qualify for the playoffs held in October of each year. To qualify, teams must play at least five sanctioned bouts since the previous year’s playoffs, and they must finish in the top eight of the rankings, which are decided upon by an elected committee. The LCC travel team has yet to qualify for the playoffs.